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Product Details we'll talk about what a fantastic product for health Thanks to its many positive effects on it, it's a product that you will easily find in supermarkets, and more than that, it does not cost more (usually between € 2 and € 10), this magical drink is cider vinegar. the price of this vinegar is varies according to quality, but do not worry, we will offer several brands of apple cider vinegar at low prices and good quality.

=> What is cider vinegar?

This vinegar is an acidic liquid that comes from the double fermentation of apple juice, its taste is very strong, and assigned a beneficial action against several diseases.

=> Important tips for choosing a good cider vinegarProduct Details

 danger of cider vinegar: Before you buy this product in stores, it is accountable to 5 main things:
- Vinegar that will purchase should be natural and without additives, in order to obtain the best results
- The manner of its manufacture must be handcrafted and contain less than 5% acetic acid.
- It must not be pasteurized nor filtered, and the color should be light golden.
- Generally, cider vinegar contains between 5% and 8% acid, but it is preferable to select not more than 5%.

Product Detailsbragg apple cider vinegar where to buy
=> Is that there really is pure cider vinegar on the market?

Fortunately, there are some producers who vinegar back on the market 100% pure vinegar and prepared according to ancient tradition, unpasteurized and unfiltered.
I think it has become necessary to remove and eliminate your vinegar and simply replace it with apple cider vinegar, either by purchase or manufacture at home.

=> What is the best brand of vinegar?

 vinegar are different brands to choose by the buyer, it can be hard to know which one to buy. While you can use almost any brand when it comes to certain tasks such as cleaning, but it is recommended to buy a natural brand for all other purposes such as cooking and skin care. (We recommend that you buy "Bragg" as the best mark) which may vary between € 2 and € 4 for a small bottle (see photo).

=> How to store cider vinegar?
cider vinegar miracles

In general, there is no expiration date on any vinegar, if the cider vinegar is pure, it does not deteriorate over time, provided to protect from light
you just have to keep it in a cool dry place, and you can use this product to keep vegetables, fruits and pickles.

=> Using apple cider vinegar

THERE are two different ways to use this wonderful product, either internal use by mixing 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water and drink 3 times / day, 30 minutes before each meal, or externally to more skin problems, and use it also to be a relaxing bath ...

=> Cider vinegar benefits

To enjoy its benefits and understand all its richness, we must consume daily and regularly.

Some of cider vinegar benefits are:
- Helps to reduce your cholesterol.
- Fight against sinus infections
- Relieve sore throat
- Protects against food poisoning
- Increases metabolism (loss aid weight)
- Strengthen your immune system
- Relieve constipation and improve digestion
- Reduce Bad Breath
To enjoy the benefits of apple cider vinegar, you must buy unpasteurized cider vinegar. It is not always easy to navigate. In this article you will learn some ways to find what you need.

I bring a clarification, after visiting various forums, I saw that some people were asking the question of whether the apple cider vinegar, vinegar and apple cider vinegar are the same product. Yes it is the same product under different names. Now you have no more doubt about it.

Where can you buy your unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar?
For people who are wondering where to find this vinegar, there are several places to buy.

Supermarkets and their radius "Bio"
The first thing I'll just advise you to go for a walk in the bio section of your supermarket. But this is not because it is marked on the label BIO need to go there with closed eyes. If there is apple cider vinegar, make sure the label. Even if you see casein and sulfate or sodium bisulfate, you may place the bottle.

Why? These are preservatives that are more allergenic. And if nothing is indicated, it is likely that apple cider vinegar is pasteurized.

Bio kind Biocoop stores
The same recommendation as above; always check the label! You see it is indicated unpasteurized cider vinegar, then this is good! In addition, the bottom of the bottle a small deposit (the mother) may be present, showing that your vinegar is "alive".

Did you think the market?
Sometimes you can stumble upon the spread of a merchant who sells vegetables and organic fruit. It can have the apples and cider vinegar organic juice. Besides, that's how I found my first bottle of cider vinegar.

And be curious and ask questions to the merchant, you may have can be a way to get in touch with a local producer.
where can i buy apple cider vinegar
On Internet
If you can not not get near you unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar, then try the Internet. I recommend the online store and Although cider vinegar which is organic, unpasteurized and without sulfate: organic cider vinegar .

Other means
Sometimes there are things we do not think. Why not make your own apple cider vinegar?

Try contacting cider producers, they may be able to refer you to a producer of vinegar, or maybe they will tell you they are themselves cider vinegar producers.
bragg apple cider vinegar where to buyProduct Details

Why it makes cider vinegar lose weight?

Apple cider vinegar is made from apple which is a fruit with slimming virtue.

An appetite suppressant effect

The transformation of apple juice and cider vinegar allows to multiply the slimming of the apple facilitating weight loss. Indeed, sugars apple are converted into alcohol and then with vinegar bacteria and yeasts which are added during the fermentation process. This results in a vinegar rich in pectin, a type of insoluble fiber that helps in weight loss through appetite suppressant effect. Pectin increases the feeling of satiety which makes you lose weight because you feel the urge to eat less.

Better fat burning

Apple cider vinegar is also losing weight because it contains acetic acid that stimulates metabolism and promotes faster fat burning. This acid can also block absorption of starch and blocking power can help you lose a few kilos.

A better sugar control

Apple cider vinegar contains malic the other acids that help control blood sugar and maintain a well-balanced sugar levels in the blood. These malic acids also avoid that fat clogs our arteries.

How to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss?

Many wondered how to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss. It's not complicated, drinking cider vinegar is one of the tricks to lose weight the easiest to implement in everyday life.

Just dilute 2-3 teaspoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water (20 to 25cl) and drinking this beverage 30 minutes before each meal. This will calm your hunger during meals and helps digestion after meals.

In the morning, some even advocate to take on waking. This helps stimulate the digestive system before eating breakfast.

It is preferable that the water is cold, it is not a little warm. There is evidence that warm water has an effect greater appetite suppressant that fresh water.

The taste of this slimming drink can be very well supported and acid diluted in water. It is therefore possible to mix the cider vinegar with chamomile tea or a bio vegetable juice.

However, avoid drinking it with soda water or carbonated sodas, colas and other drinks acids or high in sugar. You must maintain a healthy and balanced diet and hydrate yourself regularly.

Do not hesitate to consume apple cider vinegar for all your preparations, mainly in salads.

How long should we drink cider vinegar for weight loss?

You have to drink apple cider vinegar for at least three months if you want a lasting weight loss. It obviously should not neglect your lifestyle and above all you need to adopt a balanced eating to lose weight.

The diet with apple cider vinegar is not a quick scheme, it is a method that bears the fruit in the long term.

Some people make cuts, that is to say, they take cider vinegar 3 times a day for 3 weeks and then they stop for 1 week and so on. This rhythm is well suited to people who hardly stand the taste of this vinegar.

You will not have any obvious results on the short term. This technique is simple and compelling but it should be extended for a few weeks to see the first effects on your balance.

How much weight can you lose with cider vinegar?

Those wishing to lose weight only with cider vinegar see a positive result after one year, with an average weight loss of about 6 kilos and without changing their eating habits.

However others manage to lose 6 kg in 2 months with a vinegar organic cider not purchased in a supermarket and making efforts in managing their diet by reducing the amount and heading towards more balanced food.

Taking the parallel of cider vinegar diet, weight loss potential of one extra kilo a week is possible provided you do not eat fatty or fried foods. That said, we must remain vigilant and seek advice from a healthcare professional before combining several methods in order to lose weight.

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lose weight"when they make a mistake, then they  go back on track.If you  are too already strolled on forums on nutrition and diets, you've probably read many testimonies before / after people who successfully lose weight.

And what is interesting about these stories is that these people often share their tips to lose weight effectively.

It gave me an idea, so I decided to gather more evidence and summarize the main boards of people who managed to lose more than 20 kilos.
food plan to lose weight :
This way, you can begin to apply some of these tips today!
1- Drink water

One of the greatest commonalities of all people who have lost more than 20 kilos is all they have consumed a lot of water.

They gave up sodas and sweetened drinks and have desalinates with plain water. This simple trick has helped hundreds of people lose weight.
2- Keep a Food Journal

Write down everything that goes into your mouth. Most people were very surprised to see the amount of food they absorbed.

They did not understand why they swelled until they decided to keep a journal and write down everything they ate daily.
3- Count Calories

So that your bank account is not in the red at the end of the month, you must do your accounts regularly and make sure you spend less than you earn ..

4- To lose weight, it's the same!

You must maintain your body in the same way and eat less than you burn. I know it is a boring and tedious work of counting calories, but it's probably one of the most effective ways to lose weight.
5- Check the Size of Servings

Given that today, nutrition education is shelved, we do not know at all how to determine the size of a serving.

Eat portions the size of your fist is a good start toward controlling your intake of food.

Making a habit of weighing your food with a digital kitchen scale is a great way to practice to estimate the amount of your portions spontaneously.

Also, forget this bad habit of always wanting to finish the food there on your plate. For every meal, always leave a residue on your plate, it will teach you self control.
6- Do not Make No Draconian Plans

The best diet is the one that best suits your lifestyle. Once you find that this is not a diet - it's just a way of life. If I managed to lose weight in a sustainable way with the Sat i system, it is because it allowed me to not drastically change my lifestyle, but simply to readjust my habits, and to be able to integrate them my life every day.

Once you are out of the head there is a deadline, then you can start to focus on the realities of living a healthy life day to day. Being fit is not a destination - it's a lifestyle.
7- Be Consistent

Nobody is perfect. We will all make mistakes. However, successful people always have a healthy lifestyle.

They eat healthily 90% of the time, and it is carried out several times a week.

Exercise and healthy eating should be part of your daily routine, and soon it will be second nature such as brushing your teeth after every meal.

Find out what is the best time for sports.
8- Plan

A healthy lifestyle takes planning. Most errors are produced due to a lack of planning.

Plan your meals in advance so you know what you need to buy every week at the supermarket.

Buy only what you plan to eat, and try to cook your meals in advance. This way you can avoid buying sweets on a whim and you are sure to stay on track.

Make small changes constantly until they become a habit and you no longer have to think about it, and then make another change.

It is not necessary to completely change your lifestyle suddenly.

You'll be much more likely to keep your healthy lifestyle if you make small changes.

Try changing one thing at a time.
9- Teach You

Learn why. Do not just do something because someone told you.

Understand the purpose behind it.

Many people just want a meal plan or a plan to follow to lose weight fast.

However, people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off long term are actually interested in the impact of nutrition and exercise their bodies. They learned the why behind what they were doing, and they have had great success with that.
10- Become Active

Although there are some tips to lose weight without exercise, almost all people who have lost weight have started exercising.

Even if it was just a little, that they were more active helped them lose weight. The ideal is to find an activity you enjoy. You could for example try Pilates ..

Everyone has different preferences. Find an activity you love to do, and then get out of your comfort zone. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

For me, my weekly exercise is water aerobics, but for you it may be the Zomba?
11- You do not feel guilty

You're going to screw up. We all do. Successful people do not feel guilty all the time.

They will not wait until tomorrow to correct their mistake, they do it instantly.

Their healthy lifestyle and weight loss continues to advance and progress because they allow themselves to make mistakes, and they end up becoming stronger as they learn a lesson whenever they are mistaken.
Surround You Gens Positives

12- We are very influenced by the people close to us.

Many successful people have had to move forward with their lives and leave old friends and their old lifestyle behind.

It was a difficult decision to make, but they understood how important it was to surround himself with people who believed in their dreams.

How will you achieve your goals if you never start trying to achieve? The beginning is half the challenge.

Do not be afraid of failure. People who have lost over 20 kilos have stopped waiting for things to happen, they decided to make things happen for themselves.
Find Excuses Stop

Successful people have turned the corner and realized that why they had failed to achieve their weight loss goals were simply (false) excuses.

It was a difficult idea to accept, but once they were honest with themselves, they spent less time making excuses and more time to find ways to achieve their goals.
13- Are You For The

Lose weight for me, not because of pressure from others.

We all have our own reasons for wanting to lose weight, but people who have really lost a lot of weight because they have successfully started their new lifestyle as they wished.

They have not been driven to lose weight by friends or family. They did it for themselves, and therefore they have inspired others to do something for themselves, too.
 Be patient

Unfortunately, you will not lose 10 kilos during the night ...

We all want to lose our excess weight very quickly, but once you realize that weight loss is a process, you will have a different view of it.

Stop looking at weight loss as a daily challenge. If nothing changes, nothing changes. This is a lifetime commitment, your decision to change forever.
14- Be Positive

Negative thoughts lead to negative results. You are the result of what you think.

Maintaining positive thinking about your weight loss journey greatly increases the chances of your success.

You learn a lot about yourself when you change lifestyle.

There will be many challenges and difficulties, but it is important to understand that even though this will not be easy, it is worth it.
15- Discover Your Relationship With Food

Why do you eat poorly? Relate your eating habits and emotions.

Go to the root of your negative lifestyle choices.

Get to know when your body actually needs food and when it is gluttony, and find new ways (other than food) to reward you.
16- Do not Try to Be Perfect

If your goal is to be perfect, you are doomed to failure.

Nobody is perfect. Even people who seem to have the most perfect body did not make it by being perfect.

Perfection is something that many want to achieve, but in the end it is something unattainable. Do your best!
17- Never give up

Weight loss occurs when you do not give up. Many people do not realize how close they were to success.

There comes a time when it can be very difficult to continue, and where we are ready to throw in the towel and give up, but he did not! Indeed, these are the people who will be ready to go all the way to succeed.

More persistence you, the greater your chances of success will be greater. Keep going and never give up!
Product DetailsGreen Tea Extract Supplement

losing weight tips :
Just here! I made a list, I checked twice, of all these quick and effective ways to lose weight!
1. Say STOP to Fast Food

I know that this type of "restaurant" may be convenient, but it saves you empty calories, fat ..., one meal at fast food can contain all the calories you are supposed to consume in an entire day!

Banish the fast food of your habits ... this is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, and it's so easy!
2. Do Drink More SODA

The soda is also full of empty calories, they are in the form of sugars.

It also contains hazardous chemicals, dyes that have no positive effect on your body ... just one thing, say no to soda! Drink water with lemon instead.
3. Count them

Weight loss is really a simple mathematical formula.

It's like this: if you want to lose weight, calories you consume should be less than the calories you burn.

So count your calories every day, to see where you need to decrease (in the column of consumption) or add (in the "burn" column).
4. Take the Stairs

Want to lose a few more calories each day?

Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.

This is a good exercise, it helps to burn some extra calories, and it's a good habit to be healthier and lose weight.

Like any other good habit, it just takes the will and practice.

I also advise you to try Pilates, you will see, it works!
5. Crane of the CARDIO +

If you already have a good cardio workout, go up a notch to make it an even more effective way to lose weight!

Add a little more strength to your bike, set a more level on the treadmill, go to your workouts more often ..
6. Add Weight

Here's another tip "weight loss": Add weight ... for your workout!

Whether you do the exercise bike or jog, you add a weight of 500 grams to 1 kg to your ankles so the training is more intense and more efficient .. you will see it works!
7. Eat Small Meals More Often

Does your diet is difficult because you still hungry?

Is this your metabolism idling? To boost your metabolism, and your stomach pains related to your diet ceases, try eating five small meals a day rather than three large ones.
8. Make Small Changes

Redeem your soda with water lemon cookies with your sweet corn crackers ...

These small changes, and others will help you lose .. empty calories, be satisfied longer, and lose weight faster.

If you decide to follow these tips, you will start to lose calories day after day, and you will lose weight faster than you think ..

It is a question of will! You can also imagine thin, this will give you even more motivation!

So please, put you on a diet, and follow these 8 tips!

If you also have other tips to share, please leave a comment ..
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The Quick & Easy Way to Lose 15, 35, 100+ lbs

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "how to put on weight quickly"Although generally, the vast majority of people wishing to lose weight, there are people who wish to take.
Very thin or skinny people want to gain weight because like people who do not want to lose weight, they are not in good, not good about themselves, their physical appearance affects their confidence and self-esteem, etc.
Lately fact, I found that the regime needs to gain weight increased.
Is a misconception that it is easy to gain weight, just simply eating larger portions and eating junk food, unhealthy foods like chips, chocolate, etc.
This is not the case.
These people often eat beautiful food and quantities they want nothing to do, the weight on the scale does not rise.
Therefore, I want to help you by offering you a smart and healthy diet to gain weight without eating unhealthy foods and so see your health deteriorate.
How to gain weight quickly and healthily?
Here are 6 tips:
1. Eat regularly
When a person wants to gain weight quickly, it is important that these take at least 3 meals a day is morning, noon and night. Otherwise, you could also take six small meals a day, all depending on your needs and your desires.
These meals should be balanced and contain the four food groups ie fruits and vegetables, meat and alternatives, grain products and dairy products.
This might look like:
- 2 slices of bread 100% whole wheat
- 2 c.à.soup peanut butter or jam
- 2 dishes cooked eggs
- Cheese 50g
- 1 fresh fruit
- 125 ml of 100% real fruit juice
Take extra servings
Since you want to gain weight, increase your calorie intake by eating healthy foods in each food group, but in larger quantity, of course without exaggeration.
"Normally," for a man of 25 who wishes to maintain a healthy weight, you should eat daily:
- 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables
- 8 servings of grains
- 2 servings of dairy products
- 3 servings of meat and alternatives.
However, if you are a man of 25 who wants to grow, you might take daily:
- 9-11 servings of fruits and vegetables
- 9 servings of grains
-3 To 4 servings of dairy products
- 3 to 4 servings of meat and alternatives
2. Eat snacks regularly
Snacking not only help to reduce appetite during main meals but also to provide constant energy to your body to ingest more calories, be more efficient and productive at work, optimize concentration, better weight management, nutritional supplement intakes to meet all the needs of vitamins and minerals daily and better control your cravings. For people who are underweight and want to take, eating between 2 and 4 snacks per day, this will increase the number of daily calories, so, to gain weight naturally. These snacks can be:
- 1/4 cup nuts + 1 whole grain granola bar
- 4 c.à.soup hummus and 1 cup raw vegetables
- 1 250 ml homemade muffin and milk chocolate
- 1 banana + 1 + 1 slice of bread peanut butter c.à.soupe
3. Continue to be active
It is a thought that we all I believe.
Many people train to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. We said then that if a person wants to gain weight should stop training and thus the energy costs will be lower which will contribute to weight gain. Oh oh! No, you are wrong!
Sometimes people with low birth weight who want to gain weight do not succeed because they lack appetite. You probably know that when we do sport, our appetite tends to increase because we spend calories.
Furthermore, I strongly suggest to those who want to grow, is to vary your workouts to do so and cardio and weight training. Muscle weighs 2 times more than fat so you gain weight healthily and be physically fit.
how to put on weight fast
Ask your coach the best exercises to gain muscle mass.
4. Quit smoking
We know that people who smoke generally eat less because cigarettes "appetite suppressant" but also because the taste of food is corrupt.
By quitting smoking, you might find all the taste of food and feel more hungry.
5. Relax
Stress has two effects. In some people, it contributes to weight gain while in others, it contributes to weight loss.
If you are thin or skinny person who wants to grow and is stressed, it is important to apply relaxation techniques, relaxation to reduce stress.
See my 10 tips to reduce and manage stress.
6. Consult a nutritionist
Some health professionals can advise you to do a "cure" for gaining weight.
If despite the application of these tips, you can not gain weight, I think it would be good to consult your doctor to see if it is not caused by a health problem.
My personal opinion
I am sure many people (often with overweight or wishing to lose) you jealous envy.
It seems so easy is not it?
For against, this is not the case.
I think it is best to gain weight slowly but healthily rather than eating everything and anything and then have health problems such as high cholesterol, digestive problems, etc.
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Product DetailsFirst of all, thank you for giving me your trust. Rest assured, I have no product to sell but just to give you some tips that can also be complementary to another plan that you already do, through my experience that helped me lose over 29 kgs in nine months and weight stabilization over 3 years. Introduction: Before getting into the thick of things, I think it is desirable to recall the making mechanism or weight loss. Like any individual, our bodies need a daily energy intake which varies according to sex and age of the person. (For example, due to lower muscle mass, a woman will lose a man slower for equivalent physical activity). Specifically, if you make your body an energy intake higher than it consumes, the excess calories will be converted and stored as fat reserves, resulting in weight gain. Conversely, if you bring your body to a lower energy intake what he consumes, the lack will be drawn from the fat reserves and cause weight loss. Often when dieting, after a few days, you go up on the scale and are very pleased to see a significant weight loss. But this rapid weight loss is only due to the fact that your bowels are emptied, the following days, you're hungry, you do not lose weight and end up cracking. Before this positive experience, I have repeatedly failed due to overly restrictive diets. It is true that when we have this "trigger that raises motivation and strength to fight against those kilos that bother us and / or we spoil everyday life, we want to lose weight and quickly, and for this, we Yes would do anything, anything. we hardly eat anything, you skip meals, you only eat low calorie foods ... etc, even at the risk of weakening, because we say that the best way to lose weight fast is to eat as little as possible. The 1st day, the balance displays excellent results and then nothing! !!, then motivation flies and gnawing hunger take over. For fill disappointment, we throw this good food that had been set aside and in the end: hello efforts to nothing and the extra kilos.

In conclusion, losing weight is to be motivated and armed with patience because the rapids and private schemes are often synonymous with failure and rapid weight gain.
My method:

-Pratice: Regular physical activity:


Floating Image Originally, I was practicing any sport or any activity, I was surprised to find that it provides a feeling of well-being, "crazy good, it completely empty head," have already told me some of you, and the results are seen on the scale. Not being a fan of sport played outdoors (which is maybe not your case), I acquired an elliptical bike with which I practice daily the race at 10 km per day is about 45 minutes of daily effort. The exercise bikes, steps, etc ... also will do. What matters is to have regular physical activity. Regular physical activity, is to make you expend energy, and tell yourself that once you move, and in any way whatsoever you expend calories. You have to find what activity you  activity can be divided into several times on the day. Initially, because of my overweight, I was doing my 45 minutes of daily sports in 3 or 4 times. Today, with the usual, I'm doing daily 45 minute elliptical bike 1 or 2 times. To "kill time" during your effort, you can according to your taste, listen to music or watch TV in the case of home sport. Sports 45min is a minimum, you can do more, but do not run out, the purpose of this scheme is to strike the right balance between the amount of calories you eat and the calories you expend, which will be called activating the weight loss. When you find this threshold, simply to accelerate weight loss, or to continue to reduce your food intake, or exercise more, or both at once, for you to decide, but without falling in excess knowing that the ideal weight loss must average a kilo a week. The first days are mainly a commissioning of your diet when you have found the physical effort required depending on your diet and lifestyle, this diet easily become a daily lifestyle.

Certain preferred food:

White meat, fruit and vegetables, fish. Red meat is not to ban, on the contrary, do not like to abuse white meat fat. In general, as with many diets, consume food whose calorie content is not too high.

-Prescription Certain foods and beverages:

Avoid all sugary drinks, prefer mineral water or pure fruit juices in the case of sugar need to feel.

Also avoid high-fat cheeses, alcoholic drinks, aperitifs excess cakes, crisps, in short all the little snacks. The list is too long, I suggest you go see the table of calories to find the list of foods with their calorie intake associated. So you can make a list of foods that you like and low calorie which will allow you to manage the menu of your meals as you like without any particular constraint. This will also allow you to see high-calorie foods you absorbed, best avoided and that you replace with foods you love as much but fewer calories so this seems the least restrictive possible,

In the morning, at breakfast, not drinking chocolate and do not eat croissants, chocolates or buns that are high in fat, rather like me toast with real baked bread, butter and jam with a bowl of coffee or coffee milk keeping in mind that breakfast is the main meal of the day.

Over time, gradually decrease the rations of meals but not excessively so that your stomach does not growl and he gets used gradually to a lower amount of food habit that will allow you not to do a weight gain relapse after several months. If hungry, drink a glass of water or a large glass of pure fruit juice if needed sugar sensation


floating image


A few tips :

- No "burn" the steps by reducing your diet too quickly or by too much physical exertion that your body is not accustomed. This must be done gradually.

-Do Not force you to eat certain foods you do not like because they are low in calories and not only eat very poor calorie foods

-different Your diet as much as you can so that your body continues to find all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements it needs

-Do Not systematically refuse any invitation to a meal with family or friends for fear of harming your system. Enjoy these warm moments, eat a little of everything you like, treat yourself and make pleasure to those who have invited you.

-Do Not you weigh the day after a larger meal you have done with family or friends because you might tend to draw false conclusions that could affect your motivation.

In summary, remember that losing weight should not harm you psychologically in your social life.
Product DetailsThe Doctors Quick Weight Loss Diet

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Product Detailsapple cider diet The cosmetic industry floods us with advertisements that show us how a particular product is effective against pimples, to obtain a soft skin like a child or to slow the aging of our cells. Yet, some totally natural recipes can be much more effective than any cream jar
Therefore more need to spend a fortune to get a peach skin. Besides its power against insomnia, fatigue, arthritis, constipation, laryngitis, flu, cider vinegar can bring new life to our skin. Rich in minerals (potassium, chlorine, calcium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicone), this natural product is also composed of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.
The pH of the vinegar is almost similar to that of healthy skin. But for it to be 100% effective, it must be handmade or organic, pure, unpasteurized. He treats sunburns, irritated skin, itching, hives, psoriasis, eczema, pimples, etc. Known for its antioxidant properties, this elixir of youth tightens pores and slows aging.
Apple cider vinegar can also be of great help during the "minor help to alleviate and disinfect the stings of bees, spiders, jellyfish, wasps, etc. Also, it perfectly replace your mosquito repellent. But as  confess, it is important to ignore the smell "acid" vinegar.
organic apple cider vinegar benefits
Make your cosmeticsTo rehydrate your skin, take three tablespoons of olive oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil and cider vinegar. Next to the mix, you put four egg yolks. All ingredients should be at the same temperature, so let them rest for a few moments. Then beat the egg yolks, then slowly stir in the oil, stirring and finally the cider vinegar. You place your potion in the refrigerator before applying it several days on your skin.
You dream to get rid of dandruff? Here is another recipe: rinse your hair with 500 ml of warm water mixed with 125 ml cider vinegar after you shampoo. Perfect result for a brilliant and silky hair!
To make a facial mask, pour a cup of apple cider vinegar. You will add three crushed strawberries and let macerate for two hours. Before going to bed, place the mixture on your face and neck. You keep it overnight and rinse as soon as you wake up.
And then to squeeze the spots, mix two teaspoons of vinegar with a spoonful of lemon juice. Then apply the lotion directly to the skin with cotton. Then repeat this action several times.
To relieve muscle pain, feel free to add a cup of vinegar to your bath water and relax there for about twenty minutes.
Try it, it costs almost nothing to an astonishing result!

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best diet plan:

Designed by American researchers to reduce blood pressure, the DASH diet also helps to lose weight. Rich in plant, it brings together many ingredients in cardiovascular prevention. But it does not provide enough fat to provide a sustainable food model.

DASH Diet: The principle DASH for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, can be translated into French by dietary approach for preventing high blood pressure.
 The DASH diet is inspired by the power of vegetarians, which have lower blood pressure compared to those who eat the traditional way. It consists of fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods and dairy products skimmed or semi-skimmed. Red meat is not recommended, replaced by poultry or fish. Fats and sweets are very limited, sugary drinks should be avoided.

The researchers who designed the DASH diet conducted the following experiment. They recruited just over 400 volunteers they have separated into 3 groups: a first group continued to take classic American meal; a second group saw himself awarded a US diet rich in fruits and vegetables; a third group followed the DASH diet.

After eight weeks, the expected results were at the rendezvous: the tension had decreased in groups 2 and 3, but more dramatically in group 3 (initially in people with high blood pressure, 11.4 mmHg for systolic -the first digit mesure- and 5.5 mm diastolic pressure, the second number) 1.

The DASH diet, which has been the subject of other studies subsequently became a model ("DASH eating plan ') recommended by various official bodies américan2.

The DASH diet into practice

The table below, designed by the US Department of Health and Human Services  summarizes the number of daily or weekly servings recommended for each food category.

Three energy levels are planned:

- 1600 kcal for women who want to lose weight and lower their blood pressure.
- 2000 kcal for women who want to reduce their tension or men who want to lose weight and reduce tension.
- 2600 kcal for men who want to reduce their tension.
In addition, in order to reduce blood pressure, it is advisable to not exceed 4-6 g of salt per day (for comparison, the National Nutrition Program recommends not exceed 5-6 g of salt). This objective is achievable provided to limit processed foods (soups, ready meals, sauces ...) and salt moderately homemade dishes using herbs and spices.



Unsweetened coffee or tea
2 large slices of wholemeal bread (80 g) + 1 teaspoon of margarine rich in omega 3
1 large glass of skim milk (200 ml)


Raw vegetables + 1 teaspoon oil in coffee, dill or chives
1 white and 1 roasted chicken thigh
Semi-wholemeal pasta (100 g) with steamed vegetables, parsley, paprika or curry
40 g cheese lightened + 1 beautiful slice of bread (40 g)
1 seasonal fruit (about 150 g)


Coffee, tea or unsweetened tea
1 seasonal fruit (about 150 g)
10 almonds or pistachios


Vegetable soup
1 fish fillet en papillote with herbs
Potato 200g steam, parsley, nutmeg
1 natural yogurt

Effectiveness of the DASH diet

The effectiveness of the DASH diet to prevent high blood pressure in people with normal tension or reduce the pressure in hypertensive individuals is well demonstrated. It is explained by the wealth of the regime in hypotensive vegetable nutrients: potassium, magnesium, calcium, fiber and polyphenols.

Namely: the researchers who developed the DASH diet did test their volunteers with 3 levels of sodium intake. Logically, those who consumed less sodium had their blood pressure lowered further (under 1.3 mmHg for systolic pressure) 3.

The interest of the DASH diet for weight loss has been confirmed by several recent studies. The results are variable, under 5 kilos in 18 months at least 9.5 kilos in 4 months. It is logical that this very controlled in fat and virtually no sugary foods diet (except fruit) make you lose weight. As with any diet, weight loss depends on the initial food intake, sex, age and level of physical activity. Low in fat and high in fiber, the DASH diet also reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) cholesterol.

Pros and cons of the DASH diet


The DASH diet is consistent with dietary recommendations common to many countries: eat more fruits and vegetables, fresh and dried, as well as whole grain foods. These fiber-rich foods facilitate weight loss through their high satiating power. Bringing together many antioxidants, they contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

The DASH diet recommends moderation fats, which are the most energetic nutrients (9 kcal per gram against 4 kcal for sugars) and sweets, which are "empty calories".

The DASH menus, rich in fiber and protein, have a low glycemic index, resulting in less production of insulin after meals and therefore a lower risk of fat storage.


At first glance, the DASH diet approaches the Mediterranean diet, encouraging the consumption of fruits and vegetables, cereal foods, pulses, seeds and almonds and other nuts. But it definitely brings more animal proteins (dairy products, lean meats, poultry) and much less fat with only 2 to 3 teaspoons of oil or margarine per day.

Specifically, it requires systematically preparing meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and starchy foods without fat.

For this reason, despite the spotlight against oil seeds and nuts, it is deficient in essential fats omega 3 and omega 6. And as fats impart lubricity and convey aromas, it lacks taste and pleasure seems difficult to follow over the long term.

Similarly, the almost total suppression of sweet products can be difficult to hold.

In conclusion, this scheme has created nearly 20 years in order to rebalance the American diet, not really consistent with current nutritional recommendations ... nor our consumption habits.
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